Here's a little info about "Angry Birds Star Wars" first.
There's the bad guys...

I know what you're thinking... 

Didn't Caleb have a Star Wars birthday party last year?  Star Wars Clone Wars Legos, or some such thing?

Why, yes.  Yes, he did.

But Caleb's love of Star Wars has only increased in the past year, and has now combined with his love of the computer game "Angry Birds".

So an "Angry Birds Star Wars" party is what he requested for this year.  And I'm proud to say that I've even figured out ways to make this party unique from last year's Star Wars-based party.  Check it out!

And there's the good guys.  They all have clever bird-themed Star Wars names!

Fortunately, Star Wars Angry Birds are very colorful and perfect for party decorations!

Unfortunately, I found almost NO Star Wars Angry Birds party decorations for sale in stores or online.  Everything was either Star Wars OR Angry Birds. 
Fortunately, other parents had also run into this problem before me, and have generously shared their creations!  Like this Star Wars Angry Birds Banner.  All I had to do was print it, cut it, and glue it draped over a length of yarn.  Thank you, Mobile Home Mommy!  And thank you for the free Angry Birds font,!

I've got to zoom in closer and show you these... Caleb sat down one morning and drew ALL the Star Wars Angry Birds characters for decorations!  Then he cut them out and taped them underneath these words.  What an enthusiastic little artist, right?! 

Ready to play some party games?
How about we start with...

A relay race between two teams to POP their stormtrooper piggies (white balloons) next to
"Princess Leia" (Caleb's little sister).  So fun!

I had wanted to start with all the balloons in a basket- but it was SO WINDY that day, all the children just held onto their stormtrooper piggies until it was time to pop them!  Held onto them, chased them around the yard... whatever!

Caleb and I had fun turning a bunch of boxes into a Real-Life Angry Birds Star Wars game that guests played at his party!  We printed off pictures of some characters, edged the boxes with silver duct tape (to be in outer space... maybe... possibly), and imprisoned Princess Leia Bird.  Guests took turns launching Caleb's collection of Star Wars Angry Birds plush dolls at the character pictures and plush piggies, and they did defeat the "pork side" & free Leia!

Angry Birds Star Wars Bingo Boards from Design Dog on

Fun for all!  Even some of the parents couldn't resist joining in!

The use of M&M's to mark the BINGO boards made the game even better.  Yum!

We had to have the ever-popular (and found FREE online)...

This rice crispie tower with butterscotch birds nest cookies looked very impressive in my mind, but flopped in real life.  I think I needed to cut the rice crispies MUCH smaller, and perhaps freeze them before building with them.  (And keep them frozen up until the party?  Can you even freeze rice crispies??)  Well, at least they tasted good!

The birthday boy requested a chocolate cake with white frosting.  Which looked like the Star Wars sand planet of Tatooine.  With Angry Birds Star Wars figures and towers on it.  Ummm, ok... no problem!  Graham crackers make excellent sand (and sides of the cake), and candy makes adorable towers and speeders.  The children had so much fun forming these creations, and were so proud of "their cake"!

The piggies and birds were from a game, and NOT edible.  I attempted to make a tootsie roll slingshot, but it just kept flopping... so the slingshot on the cake is also not edible.  But everything else was!

FYI- you can't write icing words on graham cracker crumbs... but you CAN write on a graham cracker!  Aha!

I couldn't find any Angry Birds Star Wars piñatas for sale.  (AGAIN, everything was either Angry Birds or Star Wars, not both.)  Rather than try to make my own sad imitation, we tried a Pinterest idea I'd found and made a...

You can see the simple how-to steps below, which used no glue!  Just LOTS of packing tape to secure the cups.  Once everything was taped and then covered with a piece of butcher paper, I sealed the back of the box and covered the sides with brown paper to make it look nicer.  Caleb added Angry Birds Star Wars stickers, and it was a HIT!  (Pun intended)

You continue to light up our days with your smile and enthusiasm for life!  It is so fun to watch you grow!

Each child's favor bag included:
* Angry Birds Star Wars fruit gummies
* Angry Birds Star Wars sticker sheet  
* Personalized Angry Birds Star Wars candy bar
* Foam Slingshot Shooter (this was my best find- only $1.29 each online, and so fun without being too dangerous!)
* Plus all the goodies that they grabbed out of the "Punch Board" above!


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* Party Invitations, Thank you labels (for gift bags), Candy Bar Wrappers- Etsy
* Door Sign (shown at top of page)- Centsable Designs by Penny
* Thank you cards and Address labels-
* Star Wars Angry Birds Stickers- Ebay
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* Star Wars Angry Birds Fruit Gummies- Family Video, Toys R Us
* Star Wars Angry Birds T-Shirts- Kohl's