Baby Boy's First Birthday!

On July 29, 2008 our little boy turned one year old!  "Happy 1st Birthday to me!" he proclaimed.  (It sounded something like "Ah aah ah!"  But we knew what he was saying.)

I baked him a birthday cake in the shape of a number one!  I used the cake cut from the sides to create the block letters for his name.  Then I edged the blocks and the number one with bright primary colored icing.

Caleb was given the "C" block for his piece of cake. He poked at it for awhile, and then finally ate some. Yum!

Caleb's cake was accepted onto  Hooray, Caleb!

           "These toys are just for ME?  Thanks, teachers!"

With all our family states away, we celebrated Caleb's first birthday at his daycare with the teachers and friends who he loved.  He had a great time being the center of attention, and fell asleep on our drive home (though the daycare is only 7 min from our house!)

Happy 1st birthday, Caleb!  We are so grateful that you have come into our lives!
We can't wait to share many more celebrations with you!


"Happy 1st Birthday to Me" onesie from Carter's Outlet
Sesame Street plates, napkins, cups, tablecover from Party City
1st Birthday Boy bib from Party City

After my son turned one year old, I created an ABC Shutterfly book to remember the highlights of his first year. 
In The ABC's of Caleb's First Year, I wrote a caption for each picture, then added six more words for each letter to describe Caleb's babyhood.