Julianne is turning FOUR!

A sweet celebration is in store!

Julianne LOVED playing Candyland, and decided months before her birthday that she'd like it as her next theme!  And so the planning began...

Skirt, Shirt, and Bow from One Lovely Little Lady
Pictures by Michelle Falkowski Photography

After finding the perfect "Pwincess Lolly Dwess", a photographer friend took pictures to be used for Julianne's invitation and party.  So fun!

Personalized Invitation from Daydream Designs
Candyland Address Labels from GlitterGirlsShop

I cut plastic tablecovers into 18" x 18" squares, and taped them all around the house using white duck tape.

A Real-Life Candyland Game!

The path began at the front door, went up the stairs, curved around in front of Julianne's bedroom, came back down the stairs, went downstairs into our family room, and ended in King Kandy's Kastle (a castle tent Christmas present from grandparents.)  I then trimmed curved corners where needed, added clipart onto some squares, and voila!  A real-life Candyland gameboard!

 Fun Fact: One 54" x 108" tablecover can be cut into eighteen 18" x 18" squares!  Wow!

Candyland Decorations - Outside and Inside!

This was a $1 flag-banner that I glued letters onto (from a Candyland party package by VensPaperie.) After I proudly taped it onto the garage door for a Candyland welcome on the morning of the party, my husband said "Didn't we need to run to the grocery store for a couple more things?  You know, you'll need to take the banner down if you want the garage door to open."......  Hmmm.  We just continued on without those last items!

                           These GIANT Candyland stickers were the perfect touch for the wall!  What a fun find from Birthday Express.

Julianne and I made these edible decorations over a series of weeks before the party!  She sorted the jellybeans by color, and we created patterns in the vases to match the different lollipops.  She was so proud, and showed them to everybody who came to our house!

This personalized birthday banner (from VensPaperie) was the perfect touch for Julianne's Candyland party.  
The birthday girl stood in front of it and said "J-u-l-i-a-n-n-e spells MY name!  Look at that, Mama!  It's MY name there!"

The Candyland Buffet


Mr. Mint's Candy Sticks and Pretzel Sticks
(next to Gloppy's Chocolate Swamp to dip into!)

Queen Frostine's Fresh Veggies

Gramma Nutt's Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches

King Kandy Water

Candyland Cookies

Princess Lolly's Cookies

Candyland Cake!

Julianne and her big brother Caleb helped to decorate the birthday cake to make it look like the Candyland game board.  So fun!

Creating the CANDYLAND Players!

As the young party guests arrived, they used crayons and stickers to decorate Candyland game pieces to carry through the game.  (Julianne and Caleb made theirs before the party to show as examples.)

Time to play CANDYLAND!

All of the children were given a Candyland box to collect themed treats as they passed them (pictured below.)

The children started on their favorite colors, and I called out numbers for them to move ahead that number of spaces.  

Uh oh!  You have to pause if you land on a licorice space!  (Some followed that rule, some did not, lol...)

Passing the Chocolate Swamp, and almost to King Kandy's Kastle now!  What will we see??

Candyland Treats On the Path! - Pick one up & put it in your Candyland box along the way!

Mama Gingertree's Gingerbread

Lord Licorice's
Chocolate & Cherry Licorice

Mr. Mint's Candy Canes

Princess Lolly's Lollipops

King Kandy's Candyland PUZZLES!  (What a deal! Thank you, Dollar Tree!)

Jolly's Gumdrops

Gloppy's Chocolates

Gramma Nutt's Peanuts

Queen Frostine's Candyland Balls

Candyland Lunchtime!

Party guests recharged and enjoyed the Candyland buffet after the game!

Candle Time, Cake Time!

Blowing out the candles together...
Happy 4th birthday to Sweet Julianne!

Candyland BINGO!

Party guests used JuJu Candy Coins to play Candyland BINGO. Birthday Girl got BINGO!

Personalized Candyland BINGO Boards from Truly Bill Eve

A Birthday Blow-Out Ending!
(And sneaking one last treat...)

Slightly rumpled stairs, a slightly rumpled girl, such a happy smile!

1, 2, 3, 4... BLOW!!

It's a birthday blowout battle!

Sneaking one more little treat on the stairs...

Candyland Party Favors

While shopping in Dollar Tree one day, Julianne spotted these adorable little mini-gumball machines.  "Mommy, these would be PERFECT for my Candyland Pahty!" she declared.  And she was right.

We filled the machines with gumballs (of course), and set them out on a colorful display.  As the children were leaving with the box of Candyland goodies they'd collected during the game, they each chose one of these as well.  (My apologies to the parents!)

Happy birthday to our sweet Julianne, who brightens our days with sweet smiles and sunshine!  We love you!


Candyland character images from Recreation Guy

Ribbon sewn tulle tutu skirt, Shirt, Hair clip from One Lovely Little Lady

Personalized Candyland invitation from Daydream Designs

Photos for invitations by Michelle Falkowski Photography

Swirled lollipops and Gumballs from Oriental Trading Company

Personalized signs, Banners, Food labels, Candy graphics from Vens Paperie

Personalized Candyland address labels from GlitterGirlsShop

Personalized Candyland BINGO boards from Truly Bill Eve

Candy sticks, Pixy Stix, Gumdrops from Old Time Candy Express

Giant décor candy canes, Mini-gumball machines, Colored tablecloths, Candyland puzzles, Flag banner from Dollar Tree

Candyland favor boxes, Blowouts, Cups, Napkins, Bouncy balls, Wall decals from Birthday Express

Square Plates from Party City