Welcome to a

Very Special

4th Birthday Party
for Caleb!

Customized Cars Party Decorations
Courtesy Photoshop and Oriental Trading Co.

Both of these signs were framed in Caleb's bedroom following the party (minus the flags!)

Caleb's Special License Plate
Displays his name, age, state,
birthday month (July), and the year ('11)

Guests knew that they were entering a party at Radiator Springs as they approached our home!

"Cars" characters welcomed party guests
at the door and inside our home

Black trash bags taped to the floor with white "dividing lines" led guests through the main floor of our home, and to the outside party activities as well!

More Photoshop Fun!
These signs stood proudly in the pillows of our couch, taped onto wrapping paper rolls.

The birthday boy was eager to help inflate the balloons!

"Which Cars Character is Your Favorite?"
Images printed from Disney's website
Thank you to my husband and children for my recent Mother's Day present of this copier/scanner/color printer!  I know that they thought I was a little crazy for requesting it, but I do use it A LOT for my home and classroom printing!

Balloons Balloons Balloons, and Beginning the Buffet!

My shopping cart SCREECHED to a halt at Wal-Mart as I passed this Band-Aid display a few weeks prior.  After talking with the store manager, he kindly donated it for Caleb's party! 
(We sent a thank you card with pictures, of course.)

The display held three different things through the course of the party.
It began with "Party Pit Crew Passes" for all of Caleb's guests, which were taped to bead necklaces.

Guests were given this "brochure" for our Radiator Springs, with the menu on one side and the party "stops" on the other side.
MANY THANKS to So Wonderful, So Marvelous
for the free images and great party ideas!!

I decided that a creative way to display the party food would be to wind it all around a "road"!
The sandwiches had Oreo wheels attached by pretzel axles.  A little icing on each car gave it a racing number and a smile. 
The Lightning McQueen silverware holder was an Easter basket I found for $1 at a garage sale!  I tucked the handle under napkins, and it was ready to use.
Caleb's Big Mac Truck spilled out candies on the far right, with themed snacks laid out behind the road as well.

Notice that the fruits and vegetables were arranged in Stoplight Order!  Both delicious and festive.

Thirsty?  You've come to the right spot!

Sarge's Surplus of Treats was a popular stop!
* Stoplight Rice Krispies (and Scotcheroos)
* Milk chocolate covered pretzel rods as Dipsticks
* Cars sugar cookies (decorated by my mother & I)
* And of course Caleb's Cake

Caleb chose FOUR racecars to place onto his Cars Birthday Cake.
(He mixed "Cars" and "Cars 2", but no one seemed to mind.)

I DID mind when I saw Caleb vrooming those cars all around the icing racetrack shortly after I took that picture!  The first guest to enter saw me kneeling in front of the cake, re-piping the white road lines...

After Caleb's Thomas the Train cake, this cake was EASY by comparison! 

I frosted the "grass" with green frosting, then covered it with green coconut.

The racetrack was black frosting (made with Wilton black food coloring.
Accept no substitutes... all other black food dyes just look purple.)

My friend Photoshop came to the rescue for Caleb's "Road Signs" after I discovered that it was impossible to write frosting letters on coconut grass.  The signs were held by FOUR candles, which were what Caleb later blew out!

Caleb's cake was accepted onto Coolest-Birthday-Cakes.com.  Hooray, Caleb!

Tow Mater's Wrecking and Salvage
Make your own racecar from the sticker parts provided!  Then set it to race on the background.  Vroom!

Ramone's House of Body Art
Choose a temporary Cars tatoo.  Apply with water.  Now you're ready to roll!  Low and slow.

Head to the RACES!
Choose from Caleb's three different racetracks

and get racing!  Start your engines...

Ready for some outside fun?  Right this way!

Luigi's Tire Toss is perfect for practicing your pitches!

Time to cool off in the "Cars" sprinkler or kiddie pool!

Piñata Time!
Everyone got FOUR swings of the bat to celebrate the FOUR year old.
(Even little sister Julianne got into the action!)

After everyone had FOUR whacks, the Piñata still had not broken.
So each child grabbed a string, and PULLED!

Down came the candy, and down went the children.
They quickly scooped it into their bags!

Check out my CARS CAKE!

YUM! Everyone enjoyed a big slice of the Cars cake.
(The coconut "grass" was especially tasty!

Second Use of the Cars Display-
Holding treat bags and party blowouts.  On the count of FOUR, everyone shouted "Happy Birthday Caleb!" and blew their blowouts together!

Last Use of the Cars Display-
Holding Caleb's collection of birthday cards!

Look Who's 4 Now!
Happy Birthday, dear Caleb!  We love you so much.
We can't wait to see how you continue to amaze us!

Caleb's Personalized Birthday Shirt from ebay
Checkered flags, Pennants, Car Stickers, Temporary Tattoos from Oriental Trading
Happy Birthday banner, Cars balloons, Temporary Tattoos, Plates, Napkins, Cups from Party City
Lightning McQueen Display donated from Wal-Mart
Lightning McQueen Basket found at a Garage Sale
Piñata and Sprinkler from Target
Tire Toss Board Courtesy of My Neighbor (a gym teacher!)