More Crafty Fun

As They Grow

Handprint and Footprint Platter

I loved the fact that my son turned three years old just as my daughter turned three months old, and I wanted to capture that moment in time for my family members too.  I decided to made this platter for my parents, grandparents, and in-laws as Christmas gifts. 

I purchased these plates from Studio You and took home the paint to do at my own speed.  After the plates were fired back at the studio, I used a porcelain pen to write the words, then baked the plates in my oven to set them. 

It took awhile to paint and print, then write the words in my best D'Nealian teacher writing!  I was glad that I had all the materials at home instead of being rushed in the studio (with two small children.)  I finished the platters in time for Christmas, and the relatives enjoyed them very much.

A Moment in Time...

Three Months & Three Years Picture and Prints

My son turned 3 years old at the same time my daughter turned 3 months old.  I loved my "two little threes" and wanted to capture that precious moment in time with their prints and their picture.

I found this frame with mat very cheaply at Michael's, and was pleased that it filled an unusually shaped wall next to my stairs just perfectly!  After printing out multiple copies of the poems below (which I had found online) it took 3 year old Caleb just two tries to get his hand print next to the poem, while it took 3 month Julianne a dozen attempts to get her little footprints just-so.  A recent studio picture of the "Big Brother" and "Little Sister" was placed in the middle of the two poems and prints.

This is my hand.
My hand will do
A thousand loving things with you.
And you will remember
When I am tall
That once my hand
Was just this small.

The pitter patter of little feet
Leave behind something sweet.
A precious treasure for us to keep
The memories of your little feet.

Getting Organized!

Keeping a Preschooler Organized for the Week

Since I was working part-time at that point, this magnetic picture calendar from Office Max was especially helpful for my 3 year old son to be able to see if today was a "Kitty Cat Room Day" (the name of his preschool classroom), a "Home with Mommy and Juli Day", or both.  The arrow always points to today, and the star shows a day in which there will be a special event of some kind.

Caleb's Bedroom Bookshelf

My preschool son had gotten in a bad habit of pulling off EVERY book on his shelf in order to find the one he was looking for.  (And since I had brought home all my personal first grade books when I transferred up to third grade, he had quite a nice sized collection!)  In my own classroom, students put their "just-right books" in these sturdy colored Book Boxes from  After looking at MANY other storage options, I decided to buy those same book boxes for Caleb- complete with pictures and stuffed animals for each box.  It worked... there were no more random books pulled off Caleb's shelf.  He knows where to find each book, and where to return them when he's done.