As we walked out of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride and through their gift shop in Disneyworld, Julianne declared that she wanted a Pirate Party for her next birthday.  Since that was still six months away, we thought the theme might still change before the big day... nope!  So we started collecting pirate ideas.  Ahoy, and off we go!

The proud 5 year old!

Black duct tape wound a path up our driveway to the front door, which was marked with a big, sparkly Red X. 

Every child who came to the party automatically followed that winding path!  Ha!  

Guests knew they had reached the right place when they saw the big red X on the door.  
(P.S.- The X was cardboard pieces with wrapping paper!)

All of us got into the pirate theme!  
Julianne found a pirate outfit at a garage sale last summer, and wore her beloved pink boots (which have barely left her feet this year.)

Caleb had just lost that front tooth.  Perfect timing!

Mark was only too happy to skip shaving for a few days.

* And I looked for women's 
pirate costumes that went past my knees...

As guests walked in the door, they had to "Walk the Plank" to get to the pirate treats and accessories.  Julianne demonstrated how Walking the Plank was done, while reminding the pirate guests that Wendy walked the plank in the movie "Peter Pan" and she was still ok.  (Click the picture!)

From Pirate Punch to Gold Nuggets, this friendly pirate parrot watched over the Party Buffet!

These amazing pirate cookies were made by Julianne's grandmother in Kansas!

Big Brother Caleb wanted to get involved in the Pirate Party by running some stands!  He started by giving all the guests Pirate Accessories as they came in.  

"Eye patch for you?  Here you go.  Yes, you'd like a hat?  Right here!"

As the young pirates arrived at the party, they chose a coloring sheet or maze to work on while waiting for the full Pirate Crew to assemble.

One thing Julianne wanted to do at her Pirate Party was to have a treasure hunt.  I found this excellent printable on, and had it personalized with her name.  Caleb helped me hide all the items in the front and back of the house, and he also assisted the young pirates when needed.  So much fun!

Ahoy, mateys!  Off we sail!
(Pirate boat made out of boxes & duct tape by Caleb & Julianne)

I explained what they were looking for, and off went the pirates!

Julianne decorated this fantastic Ring Toss with "two mad pirates and one silly pirate" next to the hooks, with a whale and a skeleton on a beach, and a tiny pirate ship at the bottom.  She also assigned points for each hook.  Very fun!

We bought the pretzels with the biggest holes we could find for this game, where children picked up pretzels with the hooks!

The next day, the inflatable treasure chest was good for hiding inside!
I think I will use it in my classroom next...

Caleb also ran a Pirate Prize booth at the party, where the children came to him with reports of how many rings they'd tossed onto hooks or how many pretzels they'd hooked.  He was a generous Prize Booth Master, who gave prizes to all!

After looking at many pirate cake pictures online, Julianne decided that she wanted a treasure map cake for her birthday.  Brown sugar & graham crackers sand along with candy rocks completed the decor.

Blowing out the treasure map candles... Hooray!

Piñata time!  Julianne grabbed the first string and pulled... nope! Caleb pulled the next string...

Chocolate coins started pouring out!  So all the children quickly grabbed a string, pulled hard, and OUT popped the bottom of the piñata!

"Gold doubloons" were the last item in our Pirate Treasure Scavenger Hunt, and they came raining out of the piñata!  Treasure Hunt: complete.

After all the games and food, we settled down for a few pirate stories and songs from Julianne's new book.  Then, we went outside for one final run-around in the sunshine!  Ahoy!

Happy 5th birthday, Sweet Julianne!  We hope you find as much treasure in your life as we find with you!

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