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Crafty Party!

Themed Kids Parties I've Hosted

Julianne turns 3 years old

and celebrates with a Princess Party!

Like many little girls, my Julianne is fascinated by all things


Her favorite is "Pwincess Auwoiwa" (Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty), but really she loves each one.

Julianne's 3rd birthday was not until April, but she knew four months earlier at Christmas that she wanted to celebrate it with a PRINCESS PARTY!

(Secretly, I was thrilled. This was going to be FUN!)

Ye Royal Invitation

Once upon a time in a land far away,

Princess Julianne celebrated her day!

Her greatest wish, which she hopes will come true,

is that she'll get to spend her birthday with you!

Princes and princesses across the land

please join us in celebrating

Princess Julianne's

3rd Birthday

Please come dressed

in your prince or princess best!

This charming invitation was actually very easy and inexpensive to make!

* Blank invitations were purchased at Office Max and printed at home.

* The star wands came from my local Dollar Plus at the amazing price of SIX for $1.

* We tied the wands onto the invitaitons using inexpensive ribbon from JoAnn Fabrics, and secured them with one little piece of tape.

Ye Royal Party Castle

A Princess Party yard sign and door sign announced the royal party!

(Made by my friends at

Rows of balloons lined the royal driveway

(You can see how windy it was as the balloons flew sideways!)

Ye Royal Announcer


Announcing Princess Christie and Prince Dave!"

Julianne's big brother, Prince Caleb, used the horn he'd won at a carnival to announce each Royal Guest!

My son and my husband wore Prince Tunics made from pillowcases! I found these gorgeous $1.99 pillowcases at Goodwill, cut a hole in the middle, and glued a fancy ribbon around the hole.

Ye Royal Party Guests

This charming young prince presented his fair lady THREE pink roses for her 3rd birthday!

This princess's mother somehow avoided my camera... 

Princess Julianne enjoyed eating next to all of her Royal Preschool Friends!

Ye Royal Decorations and Activities

Royal Guests could then create a magic wand, or color a prince or princess. (Or both!)

A large princess happy birthday banner greeted guests as they walked in.

After all guests had arrived, we played a rousing game of "Pin the KISS on the Frog or Feed the Frog a FLY".

Big Brother Caleb wrote and illustrated a party sign too...

"Dance over to the ball. See all of your favorite princesses."

Our friends at made many party signs for Julianne, including this one for the "Royal Restrooms".

Downstairs, the guests of all ages enjoyed Royal Lego Play.

A Princess Hair and Make-Up Station was run by our 10 year old neighbor friend. She brought over a curling iron and hair glitter too, and the little girls LOVED getting fancy at the salon!

Ye Royal Menu

Julianne's birthday buffet included several foods for each of the seven main Disney princesses,

complete with quotes from each of these princess movies!

It was so much fun to research and think up the themed princess foods.

I think I was actually getting more excited than my little daughter at that point...!

Thank you to the collective genius of PINTEREST for their ideas and pictures as well! There are so many creative people out there- wow!

You can download these "Princess Buffet Labels" pdf pages! Just please link back here to Crafty Party.

Many thanks go to for their princess pictures above! I couldn't quite manage their amazing color flow frosting technique described with those pictures,

but I did use them as beautiful buffet labels for all the princess themed foods.

The Royal Princess Party Buffet

Themed foods and movie quotes from each of the seven main Disney princesses were presented,

and a small princess doll stood beside each of her foods too.

Snow White

The Seven Dwarfs' Seven Layer Dip, Magic Mirror Mints, Non-Poison Apples

Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

Crown Sandwiches, Magic Chocolate Kisses, The Three Good Fairies' Good-for-You Veggies

Belle (Beauty and the Beast)

The Gray Stuff (vanilla pudding dyed), Baguettes, Magical Candy Roses

Jasmine (Aladdin)

Baklava, Ali Ababwa Fruit Kebabs, Magic Carpet Crackers

Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

Clam Cookies (with yogurt covered raisin "pearls"), Under the Sea Jello, Les Poissons Goldfish Crackers

Tiana (The Princess and the Frog)

Beignets, Gumbo with Rice, Gummy Frogs


Midnight Clock Pizza, Magical Candy Pumpkins, Gus-Gus and Jaq's Cheese

My husband's father made the Midnight Clock Pizza from a Digiorno Pepperoni Pizza, and added olive slices for clock hands!

Ye Royal Pull-String Piñata

Gentle Princess Julianne did not want anyone hitting things at her party, and wanted to keep her castle piñata to play with... 

So all the party guests took turns grabbing a string and PULLED! One string finally pulled the piñata open, and out came the candy.

Ye Royal Party Photo Props

I finger-painted a large box to be Princess Party Photo Props, with a magic mirror on one side and a dragon & princess on the other side. (My husband enjoyed the rowing machine in the box at Christmas, but I was more excited for the box itself!)

Caleb made his best "dragon face", while Julianne made her best "princess face"!

Who is the sweetest one of all?

Why, Julianne of course!

Julianne's daycare teachers came to her party too!

Sweet friends enjoyed the Princess Photo Props at the party!

Caleb the Dragon with a Princess friend!

Neighbors got in on the action too!

Ye Royal Dessert Table

The royal cake and cupcake table, with Princess Punch!

The picture on the table featured Princess Julianne at her 3 year photo session.

Julianne fell in love with this cake at Target, and begged to have it for her birthday! I knew there was no way that I could recreate it at home, so for the first time in six years, I did not bake my child's birthday cake for their party.

(I consoled myself by baking royal cupcakes with Julianne, and making the big Princess Buffet!)

A new three year old blows out her three princess candles.

YUM! Princess Julianne enjoyed the marble cake with chocolate ganache filling that she had chosen!

Ye Royal Family is ready to eat royal cake!

Ye Royal Party Favors

The Princess and Prince party favor bags

Prince and Princess Party Favor Bags were made from $1 Dollar Tree tote bags, bits of lace and tulle, and LOTS of hot glue!

I tried to match each princess to the bag color and lace style. They were a big hit!





Snow White (and the Seven Dwarfs)




Ye Royal Blow-Out Conclusion

At the end of the party, all the guests counted to THREE (for the THREE year old) and then blew their Princess Blow-Outs.

These two princes had a little "blow-out battle" afterwards too!

What a fabulous royal celebration!

Princess Julianne was exhausted by the end, and just lay back on the couch to enjoy her magical rose lollipop!

Ye Royal Family

Happy 3rd birthday to our Princess Julianne!

Julianne, it has been so fun to watch you grow over these past three years, and we can't wait to see what the next years bring for you too!

Thank you for filling our days with smiles and laughter! We are so glad that you are a part of our Royal Family!

Ye Royal Acknowledgments

* Yard sign, door sign, and party signs from

* Flowers, beads, mini-wands, party favor bags, and party favor toys from Dollar Tree

* Pillowcases for Prince Tunics from Goodwill

* Cake, piñata, plates, cups, napkins, and tablecovers from Target

* Cupcake stand from Wal-Mart

* Balloons and blow-outs from Party City

* Cupcake liners, Party favor bag tulle and ribbons from Joann Fabrics

* Cardboard wands and birthday banner from Oriental Trading Company

* Blank printable invitations from Office Max

* Princess Aurora Dress from Disney Store