In a galaxy
not far away...

Caleb and his Jedi friends celebrated his 5th birthday!

The Star Wars (Clone Wars) Lego Party Spread!
The black wall was wrapping paper with star stickers, written on with silver sharpie.

13"x9" rectangular pans + cupcakes = Lego Cakes!

Green Tea Yoda Cookie recipe from

Left: LEGO Star Wars (Clone Wars) Treat Bags
Above: Lightsaber Napkins & Utensils

Yoda Soda, Padme Popcorn, Jar Jar Juice
and Jedi Master Awards

Ready for Jedi Master training!

Padawan Robes were brown pillowcases from Goodwill with holes cut for head and arms.

Each child wore a nametag with their Jedi name on the front (their own name spelled backwards)
and the five tasks they'd complete to go from Padawan to Jedi Master!  (FIVE tasks since Caleb is FIVE years old!)
A star sticker was awarded after each task was completed.

Task 1: Build R2 D2 Unit
Because every Jedi needs a dependable droid at their side!

Task 2: Construct Lightsaber
Each lightsaber (pool noodle with masking taped end) had a unique handle. The children put on their names, buttons, and decorations with stickers!

Task 3: Master the Force
The young Padawans used their new lightsabers to keep balloons up in the air while Star Wars music played in the background.  First they kept them up for 10 seconds, then 20 seconds, then passed the balloon back & forth to a partner.

Task 4: Restore Galactic Order
The blindfolded children *used the force* to put Jedi stickers onto Imperial starships.

Different ships were worth different points,
but we didn't worry about that with these 4 and 5 year olds!

Caleb took a picture with each of his party guests against this door as well.  Those pictures will be used for his Thank You cards!

Task 5: Defeat Darth Vader
The Padawans quickly destroyed the Darth Vader pinata before scooping up the goodies inside!

(And I realized... Darth Vader may be a "bad guy", but he turns out to be sweet on the inside.  Just like our pinata.)

A new group of Padawans turned Jedi Masters - complete with Yoda's Jedi Master award on their robe!

Notice that Caleb's little sister in the front just wants to EAT!  Let's get to that yummy Jedi food now, Mom!

Happy 5th Birthday, Caleb!  May the force always be with you.


Lego Star Wars Tablecover, Plates, Napkins, Cups, Jedi Master Awards, Birthday Banner, Galactic Order Game, Darth Vader Pinata, Black Wrapping Paper, Large Silver Stars, Silver Table Sprays, and Silver Balloon Bouquet from Party City

Brown Padawan Robes were pillowcases from Goodwill

Star Wars Cookie Cutters and Cupcake Stencils (for Jedi Sandwiches) from Williams Sonoma

Some party ideas came from the talented ladies at Doodlekins, I'm Topsy Turvy, JustJENN, Iced Jems, Bug & Boo Designs, Just Call Us Heavan, Crunchy Catholic Momma

Star Wars Jedi Font from