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Third Birthday


Look Who's 3 - CALEB!

Railroad tracks (made from black posterboard) led party guests to our door, where a birthday sign welcomed them!

Train Station Signs directed party guests around the house along with the number of steps it would take!

Party Stations 1 & 2 -
Coloring a Train and Creating a Train Picture
While we waited for all passengers to arrive!
Party Station 3 - Musical Trains
Where will you be when the music stops?

Because it was party for preschoolers, I did not take away train pictures for each round!  Everyone just sat on a different train each time the Thomas music stopped.
Party Station 4 - Train Ball Toss
The train cars were diaper boxes decorated with solid colored wrapping paper, circle "wheels" glued to the sides, connected with toilet paper rolls
Party Station 5 - Pin (Stick) the Number on Thomas The birthday boy was not happy when his number wasn't the closest to the "1"! He insisted on a do-over...
Party Station 6 - Decorating Train Wheels
The children squeezed colored icing and sprinkles onto circle cookies,
creating beautiful (and delicious) "train wheels"!
This needs more icing... more sprinkles too...
Party Station 7- Water Fun
A July birthday means water play outside!
"I thought YOU were watching the pool fill up..."

"No, I thought YOU were watching it...!"

What a beautiful day to play in the water
and celebrate a birthday!

"Thomas the Tank Engine's favorite Blue Fizz - Add chocolate chips to your cup, then pour!"

This was really cream soda with blue food coloring- because Thomas is blue!  The color, and the addition of chocolate chips, made it an exotic treat for tots.
Party Station 8 - Train Lunch!
The birthday buffet included veggies with dip, favorite fruits, chocolate & yogurt & regular raisins, cheese sticks (on ice), Oreo cookies (extras from the sandwich "wheels"), gumdrops, and goldfish crackers.  These "train cars" were foil pans covered with colored paper, arranged in a row.
Guests chose between turkey & cheese or peanut butter & jelly
train sandwiches as well.  The wheels were Oreo cookies with
pretzel axes to hold them together.

Caleb was James the Train for the previous Halloween, so I used two of his Halloween pictures as decorations on the cake sides. 

I also put gumdrops stacked on the sides, and cut out Thomas, Percy, and James pictures from the party cups. 

The end result was very colorful and festive!

Party Station 9 - Train Cake!
This was absolutely the most time-consuming cake I'd ever decorated, but so worth it.  When Caleb saw his birthday cake, his whole face lit up, and he said "WOW, Mommy! It's Thomas!  WOW!"  Yep.  Just for you, hon.

Caleb's cake was accepted onto Coolest-Birthday-Cakes.com.  Hooray, Caleb!

I should back up for a moment here and give credit to my two "helpers" who assisted with the cake!  Three month old Julianne watched from her Bumbo Chair as her three year old brother frosted the bottom layer on the day before this party.  I then placed Thomas (baked from a Wilton cake mold) on top.  While both children napped, I decorated the cake.  Amazingly, they finished their naps exactly as I finished the decorating!  Three hours later.
Before and After frosting the cakes

I know that Thomas is Number 1, but I put a "3" on for my 3 year old!  (That beautiful 3 was a candle with the wick cut off.  Perfect!)
Ready to sing "Happy Birthday" and blow out the candles!
The birthday boy couldn't wait to dig in!  He requested Thomas's face for his piece.

I made my husband cut it- I just couldn't do it after all that work it took to decorate!

Party Station 10 - Train Playtime!
One last bit of train fun before the party ended- playing with Caleb's wooden train tracks and trains!  (We didn't end up watching a Thomas episode, but that's OK.
The preschoolers were ready for naps by then!)
This engineer hat, bandana, and train whistle were gifts from Caleb's Great-Aunt Rosie.  They were the perfect train accessories for the excited birthday boy!

Caleb's Personalized T-Shirt from ebay
Engineer hat, bandana, train whistle from Oriental Trading
Thomas plates, cups, napkins, "Pin the Number" Game from Party City
Yellow cones courtesy of my neighbor (a gym teacher!)

I took these "3" pictures for Caleb's Shutterfly book "See Me Turn Three!"  The book showed three of Caleb's favorite things in many categories- foods, books, toys, clothes, activities, playgrounds, groups of friends, teachers, family members, etc.  (View the book at full-screen for best quality.)

When Caleb was 3 1/2 years old, I created the Shutterfly book Big Brother, Little Sister, patterned after the Judy Blume picture book The Pain and The Great One (where a brother and sister tell the story of the same everyday events from different perspectives). In Big Brother Little Sister, Caleb and Julianne talk about how they have helped each other and taught the other new things- but each with a twist. While Caleb thinks that building towers, racing cars, and rolling trains is all so much fun, Julianne states that knocking down towers, eating cars, and banging trains is fun. And though each child thinks that the other sometimes gets ALL the attention, at the end of every day they both know how lucky they are to have each other.